TV REKLAM Sock Organizer Laundry Hanger Clips

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TV REKLAM Sock Organizer Laundry Hanger Clips.

  • Made of an elastic band and durable plastic locks
  • Holds 10 pairs of socks
  • Safe to put inside the washer and dryer
  • Has an attachable hook for hanging on drying racks or closet
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Length: 57 cm / 22.44 inches

Sock Organizer Laundry Hanger Clips

With the Sock Organizer Laundry Hanger Clips, you will never lose any pair of socks anymore. This organizer will make washing and be storing easier than ever! It can conveniently hold 10 pairs of the sock which you put directly on the washer and the dryer. Has an included removable hook for convenient hanging after washing.

Durable Construction

The holder itself is made of an elastic band which makes it adjustable and durable. You can place at least 10 pairs of socks in between the locks. Simply put a pair of socks in between and then push the lock to hold the pair in place. Doing so, you can be confident that no socks will be missing while it is spinning inside the laundry machine. The locks are made of plastic material which holds the socks in between. It will make no damage, will just everything secure and in place.

Makes Washing and Drying Easier

Your all-in-one sock organizer – washing, drying, and sock holder. You can directly put inside the whole organizer with the socks attached and then take them out easily in just one hold. Super fast and convenient. It saves you so much time looking for each pair of matching socks. You can also put everything inside the dryer. If you want to dry it by air, simply place the hook so you can hang it easily on your clothes drying rack. After drying, you can store it now directly inside your closet and it is ready to use!

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