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Topdot ® Travel Life- Starry Night Map Fluorescent Starlight Scratch Off World Edition Personalized Travel Vacation Scratch World Map..

  • Maybe you have viewed more than 10 editions of world map. But we are sure this edition will change your definition for a world map. During the day, it is merely a simple & decorative world map. In the evening, it will slowly exude quiet blue light in the darkness. As if you view them from a perspective of 30,000 feet from the ground, watching the blue planet earth drifting away, from reality through to your dreams.
  • For each country, the unique tourist attractions are concealed beneath the silver scratch coating, you could scratch the coating off the location on the map which you have visited. It just feels like you are exploring and creating your exclusive new world like Columbus's expedition to the new continent.
  • 《Travel Life- Starry Night Map》adopts stealth luminous technology which is a unique decoration art in Indoor environment decoration. This is a new technology based on US imported luminous paint and converging feature. When the paint is used on paper, it will not affect the original decoration structure and material. It is invisible when there is light, but quietly appear when it is dimmed. Thus, the special luminous paint gives the world map new life.
  • The imported fluorescent paint has superior light absorbing and storage capacity, usually it will silently absorb sunlight and normal lighting at home, then store them, give you a little surprise when you turn off the lights.
  • In each journey,there must be something unforgettable,be it fabulous food,scenery,or music,or even a romantic rendezvous!Here you record them,and make them your eternal memories!
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