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Hourglass Timer Night Light Lamp Color Changed Sleep Timer Sandglass Decoration


  • Built around the idea of a traditional hourglass, with grains of sand slowly falling to a lower chamber, and physically blocking out the light source as they accumulate around itL

  • The lamp will switch itself off after 15 minutes

  • With the accumulation of sand, the lights gradually drowned in the sand, after all the sand streamer in 15 minutes, you are sleeping peacefully

  • The rustling sound of the sand, as if a simple lullaby, make your body relax, eyelids heavier, hourglass lights gradually buried, dreams come quietly

  • 6 variable night light colors, give you a different night, so that the night is more beautiful

  • High quality sand

  • Borosilicate glass

  • Touch-Sensitive switch design

  • Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery

  • Powered by USB

  • Sand Hourglass Dimension: 81x 81x 175mm (approx.)

How to use:

  • Put the hourglass on the base and touch the switch, then hourglass light is bright

  • 15 minutes timer starts, with the accumulation of sand, lights fade

  • The hourglass lamp automatically shut down after 15 minutes

  • Remove the hourglass from the base, or by placing your hand close to the switch to close the lamp

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