LogicInside™ Flying Whirly Ball 3D-Disco Lights..

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LogicInside™ Flying Whirly Ball with Gravity Sensors and 3D-Disco Lights...

LogicInside Brand's Flying Whirly Ball with Gravity Sensors and 3D-Disco Lights Super Bright, Gravity Defying LED Galaxy Whirly Ball The Incredible, Hovering, Magical Whirly Ball is the Hottest Toy on the Market Today! It's Hand Sensor induction makes it the coolest toy around. To Operate: When the flying ball fly's up you should put your hand underneath the flying ball to control the flying. If you wanna turn it off, click the little red remote. Using the usb charger to charge the flying ball for 15-20 mins for 8-15 minutes of flying time. Hand Operated Flying ball with Motion Sensors Sensors inbuilt: Press the button on and it will fly. When it comes down, put your hand below it and it and it will fly again. Rechargeable: USB Cable is provided to charge it with any mobile charger. A fantastic product that the whole family can enjoy! Whirly Ball uses two sets of rotor blades to fly into the air. Simply place the ball in your open palm - your hand movement controls it, + Included a remote control!

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