Funny Game "Come and Beat me" Spanking worm..

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Funny Game "Come and Beat me" Spanking worm..

Kolamom Spanking Worms Ladybug Somatic Control Hover Detected Induction Insect Electric Toy for Children, Pets, Adults Prank Toys. 


  • Safe Material - For the sake of children, Kolamom always stuck to the point that we use the safest and the most secure materials for kids only, so is it for this one.
  • Anti-Collision Control - The anti-collision tentacles enables the control of the bugz no matter where it bounces off in case it bumps into any obstacles.
  • Hover Somatic Detected - In-built infrared detector enables the inserted somatic sensor of the bugz to detect your body from the above directly.
  • +3 years.
  • Need 3AAA battery.(not include battery in package).

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