Fried Egg Molds 5 Pcs, Stainless Steel Egg Ring..

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Fried Egg Molds 5 Pcs, Stainless Steel Egg Ring Pancake Forms Non-Stick Egg Poacher With Handle For Griddle Pan Kitchen Tool with Diffrent shape, Breakfast Sandwich Perfect..


Doesn’t your kids like eating eggs? If you have our cute egg molds and use them to cook different attractive shapes of fried eggs , your children will love eating it!


Material: Stainless Steel 

Color: Silver 

Size: Shown as picture

Shapes: Pentagram, flower shape, heart shape, round, Mickey

Package incluede: 5 Pcs egg molds with diffrent shape, 1 paper box

How to use:

1. Put the mold in the pot and heat for a while: Wash the fried egg mold and wipe to dry, put it in the pot and heat for a while. This could effectively prevent oil splashing.(Note: It is must to use flat pan for frying) 

2. Add appropriate amount of oil into the mold: the oil should just cover the bottom of the mold, not too much or too little. (Note: Put the mold and heat it to a certain degree first, then add the oil) 

3. Brush oil on the mold with an oil brush: Brush oil on the inner side of the mold with an oil brush. This could effectively prevent egg white sticking on the mold

4. Wait until the oil gets 70% cooked, add egg: When the oil is 70% cooked (with a little smoke coming out), slowly add egg. (Note: Don’t overexertion while adding egg. This is to ensure uniform coverage of the egg white) 

5. Fry on low heat for 2-3 minutes and turn off the fire: It is better to use low heat when cooking fried eggs. Do not use high heat.( Note: You must be patient when cooking fried eggs) 


6. Remove the fried egg mold, dish the fried egg: When the egg is almost fully cooked, gently remove the mold


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