Flying Hero Sensor Control Helicopter With Led Light

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Flying Hero Sensor Control Helicopter With Led Light + included a remote contral!!

*Spiderman slut i lager.

Product Description

  • Flying Hero Sensor Control Drone Helicopter With Led Light
  • + Extra!! Included remote contral
  • Available in 6 Different Models: Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Hulk and Iron Man
  • For Kids Ages: 9-12
  • With Light
  • USB Charging
  • Hand Sensor
  • USB charger included
  • Lightweight for better speed
  • Stand the toy on your hand straight, hold it upright and switch it on
  • Release the toy and remove your hand from the bottom of the toy
  • If the toy falls towards the ground, place your hand below the toy at a distance, and the censors will push the toy up in the air
  • Remember that it works on censors and responds to your hand, but not the objects

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