DuneCraft I Love You Bean Novelty Kit..

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DuneCraft I Love You Bean Novelty Kit..

People often talk about the "language of love" and the "hidden language and meaning of flowers and plants." Well the time has come to cram these two languages into one easy-to-grow, polyglot plant. We give you, the I Love You Bean. It's very simple to show folks you love them with this plant. Read on, and find out why.

You see, the I Love You Bean is just about the best gift you can give someone. When you do, tell them they only need to add water, sunlight, and love - just like the love that pours forth from your two hearts. Mushy, but effective. But here comes the best part: once the bean has sprouted and grown a little, your special friend will see the words "I Love You" written on the bean. And you will say it got there by the power of your love. You will score all sorts of romantic brownie points, and your energy expense for those points will be very minimal. You just have to purchase one (or more - you never know) of these I Love You Beans and let the love grow!

I Love You Bean

  • Ages: 3 and up (with adult supervision)
  • Just add water, sun, and love, and you'll grow a unique bean - it has "I Love You" written on the bean!
  • Sprouts in 3-5 days and shortly after the secret message appears.
  • Includes: Sprouting dome, printed planter, Lima Bean seeds, planting mixture, and instructions & care information.
  • Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 3.5"
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