Cat and Dog Automatic Water Bowl, Food Bowl Double Tilted Bowl.

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Cat Dog Automatic Water Bowl, Water Food Bowl Double 0-15°Adjustable Tilted Water and Food Bowl Set.

  • NOVEL DESIGN: 0-15° tilt and comfortable 7cm raised stand design protects the cervical vertebrae, double bowl design is multi-purpose, ear shape is particularly beautiful.
  • AUTOMATIC WATER SUPPLY: Siphon principle, stable control of water level, automatic water supply, 20oz reasonable water volume, 20oz large capacity.
  • SAFETY and SECURITY: Environmentally friendly PP resin liner bowl, food grade PP bowl, food grade PET level, your pet's safety is the same as mine.
  • EASY To CLEAN: User-friendly separation design, detachable parts, simple structure, no dead corners for cleaning, we pay attention to user experience like Apple.
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