Bluetooth Game Gun AR Game Gun 3D..

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Bluetooth Game Gun AR Game Gun 3D Toy Video Game Gun with Bluetooth Connecting IOS, Android Smart Phone White.

  • This game gun is suitable for all kinds of smartphones, such as apple iphone, Samsung Galaxy series, HUAWEI and xiaomi mobile phone and other Android phones.
  • Easy to Use - Just need a smartphone and AR-gun APP will provide real world and virtual games to enhance the real experience of the wonderful integration, allowing players to enjoy the virtual reality through visual, auditory, and sports.
  • Bluetooth Connection - Downloading AR-GUN APP by scanning the QR codes or from google play or app store, and pull the trigger for 3 seconds to easy connect to your cell phones via Bluetooth, wireless, steady and low power consumption.
  • Three dimensional shooting,Ten types of games have been launched and the games are iterating continuously.
  • Multi-scenarios - With this portable AR Gun, play games indoors and outdoors. Just pick up the AR Gun, trace and shoot the targets by moving the gun 360° or moving around to experience a truly immersive gaming experience from the reality and virtual images.
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